“For some of us, lockdown wasn’t new. Undocumented people are always in lockdown. We cannot fully participate in public life, in the economy, or in our communities. We cannot breathe.”
VK, St Barnabas Church

VK, a Citizens UK leader, has been living in limbo for years. Without settled status, she cannot build a better life for herself and her family. The Prime Minister must keep his promise — it’s time to settle the status of everyone who calls the UK home.

Let's get this settled!


Prime Minister
Boris Johnson

In 2008, in front of thousands of Citizens UK members, you committed your support to the campaign to settle the status of people living without documents in our communities.  

We felt hopeful again in your first week as Prime Minister as you reiterated your support during Prime Minister’s Questions saying “I do think we need to look at our arrangements for people who have lived and worked here for a long time unable to enter the economy, unable to participate properly or pay taxes without documents – we should look at it.”

This issue has always been important. We have neighbours across the country who call the UK home but are continuously in lockdown, who cannot fully participate in public life, in the economy, or in our communities - who cannot breathe. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, it’s become even more urgent. Thousands of people in our communities are left with no way to support themselves or their families and no way to contribute to the national effort to overcome the virus. 

Lockdown has also shown Britain at its best with communities up and down the country stepping up to support each other. Nobody stopped to check where their neighbours were born when they were dropping off medicine. 

Now is the time to build on this and enable all of our neighbours to get the status they need to fully participate in the economy, in their communities and in public life.  The EU Settled Status scheme provides a model for enabling people to gain status and shows that, if we decide to, we can do this.

Mr Prime Minister, we are asking you to show leadership again and enable everyone who calls the UK home to be able to settle their status. We ask you to meet with us to get this done.